Samsung Gear S2:

Dazzling Innovation for Smarter Usage

Samsung has made a practice of throwing everything they potentially can at a wall and seeing what sticks. Not always but Samsung has actually been changing their methods. It's called the Gear S2 and it's the finest Android Wear watch. Feel free to read more on sell my iphone here.


The Gear S2 is my favorite smartwatch yet at least in the design aspect. It actually looks like a correct watch, simply like the G Watch R, except it's less bulky and more comfortable.

Then there's the defining feature of the Gear S2: the rotating bezel. When I first heard of this idea, I believed it was quite foolish with poor execution via subpar products and would come off as inexpensive, gimmicky, and even unfortunate. However, Samsung continues their good streak of high quality with some appropriate metal and durable building which turns the rotating bezel into a better version of the digital crown from the Apple Watch.

What It Does

Why is the rotating bezel so cool? Well, Samsung saw an issue with how smartwatches have been used; Apple saw the exact same issue and attempted the digital crown which was met indifference. The Gear S2 lets you do a lot more without obscuring the screen with your finger. You can scroll through menus and choose by just touching the name of the choice without trying to identify a small little icon.

Under the surface area, the Gear S2 is a solid entertainer and can be found in a couple of various alternatives. There are 3 versions of the Bluetooth type and then there are 2 variations of a standalone 3G allowed version much like the very first Gear S. It'll carry out extremely well with all the sensors for heart rate, ambient light, NFC, and WiFi. Samsung managed to fit the ambient light sensor without offering the screen a blowout or making the watch really large ... what are you doing, Motorola? If you were clever sufficient to wait to purchase a smartwatch, the Gear S2 may be the best choice yet.

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